The Foundation has invited board member Wilma van Giersbergen to write a book about the artists’ families Hauck, Bakker and Van de Laar in the period 1770-1920. This book was presented on September 7, 2018 – with great interest – at the publisher & nbsp; Ad Donker in Rotterdam . This publication was largely financed by the Cornelis-Bakker-Collection Foundation. However, the Rotterdam Foundation for the Promotion of People’s Power and the Erasmus Foundation in Rotterdam have also contributed to the funding.

From 2019, new smaller publications will be worked on. See further under & nbsp; Publications in preparation .

Work is also underway on the preparation of an exhibition in 2021 about Rotterdam decorative artists, including those of the Hauck, Bakker and Van de Laar families. This exhibition will be organized on the occasion of Hans van Herwijnen’s dissertation to be published in 2020 on the Rotterdam decoration artist Willem Adrianus Fabri.