The Foundation manages the studio legacy of the Rotterdam artist families Hauck-Bakker-Van de Laar. The Foundation is located in Amsterdam and was established in 1991 by deed executed before civil-law notary J.H.M. Carlier.

According to the 1991 deed of incorporation, the purpose of the Foundation is’ to collect, conserve and catalog works of art and archival materials made by or forming part of collections created by Cornelis Bakker (1771-1849) and his descendants, as well as works by his students and teachers, and furthermore opening the possibility for a broad (er) public to become acquainted with those works of art and archival materials, as well as the performance of all that is related to the foregoing or may be conducive thereto in the broadest sense of the word’.


The Foundation can be reached at the following address: PO Box 15357 – 1001 MJ AMSTERDAM.
You can also reach us by email:

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